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This password is NOT OK!

It is known to be used as a password elsewhere

Hackers start with a list of known passwords, because people are, on the whole, unoriginal. As you have just demonstrated.

Lots of numbers

It looks like it might be a telephone number or a date. If it is, and it has any meaning to you, then people who know you (or know about you) might find it easy to guess.

It's just letters and/or numbers

Medium length passwords should always contain non-alphanumeric characters. Letters and numbers alone aren't enough.

MD5: a0c275b8cb56ceea7d3329041b545b83

SHA1: d3e1718cf02e275bcbdb8796dda800c6c3c70fb3

Crypt (self-salted): 19ueT45egRI5Y